Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Our absolute goal as a hospital is to give you the best possible care for your ailment and help you get well as soon as possible. We are dedicated to maintain rights, dignity and well being of all patients.

As a patient, these are your Rights:

  • Right to have any special preferences, spiritual and cultural needs
  • Right to have privacy and confidentiality during examination, procedures and treatment
  • Right to information about diagnosis and plan of treatment
  • Right to know the expected cost of treatment
  • Right to refusal or change of treatment
  • Right of informed consent
  • Right to access clinical records
  • Rights of protection from physical abuse or neglect
  • Right to complain and how to voice a complaint

As a patient, these are your Responsibilities:

  • To abide by all hospital rules and regulations
  • To provide complete and accurate information about you and your ailment
  • To be on time for your appointment with the doctor
  • To follow treatment plan recommended by your healthcare providers
  • To pay your bills on time
  • To provide complete and accurate information for insurance claims
  • To respect other patients urgent needs
  • To take medicine as per the prescription of the doctor.
  • To take care of your belongings

To understand the charter of rights and clarification (if any)

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