Medical Technology at Norvic

A pioneer in a world-class healthcare system, Norvic Hospitals strives to put in place an integrated and comprehensive healthcare system. It has laid the foundation for an infrastructure which is backed by cutting-edge medical technology. The hospital has installed some of the most innovative equipment in diagnostic and therapeutic imaging.

Norvic Hospital Technological Infrastructure Boasts Of State-Of-The Art Medical Equipment Such As:

3 Tesla MRI  |  128 Slice Cardiac CT Scan  |  Full DR   |  Mammography | High-end Color Doppler Ultrasound Systems  |  PACS  |  HIS Integrated Department

Cath Lab (Optima ICG 320 from GE healthcare) | High–end 3D Echo |  TMT  |  ABP  |  Holter | ECG| Trans Esophageal Echocardiography (TEE)| Body Mass Analyzer

Endoscopic Ultrasound System|  HD Gastroscope |HD Colonoscope| HD Sigmoidoscope| HD Enteroscope| |HD Duodenoscope| Irrigation Pump| CO2 Insufflator|  Automated Endoscope Reprocessor|

Respiratory Critical Care 
Video Bronchoscopy System | PFT |

Holmium Laser 100 Watt with Morcellator | Lithotripsy System  |  Mini PCNL|Uroflowmetry|

OPG Machine |  Digital X-rays|

High-Speed Drill System |  Neuro Microscope |EEG | EMG |

Ventilator   |  Central Venous Pressure Monitoring  |  Invasive Intra - arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring  |  ET CO2 Monitoring  |   |  PA - Pressure Monitoring  |   |Bedside ECHO Cardiology  |  Portable X-ray Viewer  |  Brain Huggar  |   Warmers  |  Blood Gas Analyzer | Syringe Pumps | Infusion Pumps | Bi-phasic Defibrillators| |Central Monitoring|

Incubators| Neonatal ventilators| Phototherapy| Foetal Doppler| Infant Resuscitator

Bed Side Monitors| Portable Ventilator| Emergency OT| Defibrillator|

Portable Ventilator| Bi-phasic Defibrillators| Multi-parameter monitoring | Suction Pump| Syringe pump|

ETO Machine | Fully Automated Autoclave |

Surgical Services
Heart Lung Machine | Haemotherm | Diathermy | Intra - aortic Balloon Pump | Harmonic Scalpel | Holmium Laser 100 Watt with Morcellator | Lithotripsy System  |  Mini PCNL| Uroflowmetry| High-End Anesthesia Machine | C-Arm| ENT Microscope| Laparoscopic Video System| Neuro Drill System| Arthoscopy|Fibrillator|IABP|

CTG Machine |Baby Warmers|Cryo Surgery| Colposcopy|

Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer| Fully Automated Hormone Analyzer| Electrolyte Machine| 5 Part Blood Cell Counter |HPLC system| Bacteriological Incubator |Safety Hood Cabinet |LBC System| Bactec System | Fully Automated ELISA System| Fully Automated Urine Analyzer|

Nerve & Muscle Stimulator  |  Ultrasound Therapy  |  Combo Stimulator  |  Combination Unit  | Shortwave Therapy  | Winstim Combo |  Advanced NMS/TENS | Cryotherapy Machine |  Hydrocollator | Relax TNS | 

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