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3T MRI Experience!


What is an MRI exam?

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a non-invasive, painless procedure. Without using traditional X-ray imaging, MRI allows doctors to see inside the
body to diagnose and identify possible medical conditions. An MRI simply samples signals from water that makes up the body. Specialised antennae create highly defined images that can be used to make diagnosis. You will see that an MRI process is shorter than you think. This is true especially in case of Philips Ingenia 3.0T CX as it is a digital MRI designed to deliver most routine scans with maximum speed.

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Why is an MRI scan needed?

MRI scans are performed when people are ill or injured or in case of a medical problem that cannot be easily detected with a routine physical examination. However, the challenges in the procedure involved might sometimes deter smooth analysis. That’s why Philips Ingenia MR 3.0T CX has been equipped with innovative technologies that can capture minutest details from multiple angles! This information helps the Radiologist and the Doctor in making accurate diagnosis.

How long will your exam take?

That will depend on what is being studied, but a typical exam lasts between 20 to 60 minutes. Extra time may be taken in case the exam lasts longer than


What can you expect?

Inside the MRI room you will see Philips Ingenia MR 3.0T CX, an MRI system created for your comfort. You will see a padded table and a large donut shaped device called the ‘gantry’. The larger opening space for the head in this machine is designed so for your comfort. The MRI technologist will help you lie down and give you headphones that will help the technologist stay in contact throughout the examination. You will be requested to lie still during the scan and hold your breath for a short time to minimize body movement. If the table moves during the scan do not worry. This is only for better imaging. The MRI technologist will consistently monitor you from the other side.

Claustrophobia eliminated with the INBORE EXPERIENCE

Claustrophobia is a common clinical problem for patients undergoing MRI, The INBORE EXPERIENCE, the first of its kind in the world has been designed by Philips to circumvent this problem. 

a. Immersive Visual experience – patients can now view movies, videos, of their choice inside the MRI tunnel during the examination 

b. Acoustic noise reduction – now automatically provides upto 80% of noise ComforTone reduction inside the MRI tunnel 

c. Auto Voice – Auto voice guides patients through breath holds, announces table movements and indicates scan duration helping enhance patient comfort and  cooperation.



Newer Application

1. FMRI : Functional MRI imaging – maps important neurological centers in the brain.

  • Pre surgical brain mapping, Brain Tumor resections,
  • Research activities.

2. Breast Imaging : With latest version of dedicated breast coil.

3. Enhanced Joint Imaging : Using porto Knee testing device 

4. Cardiac MRI : Including T1 & T2 mapping

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